Monday 13 April 2015

Capcom CPS1 Announcement

Dear all, i'm very happy to announce the successful reverse engineering of the CPS1 security enabled custom PPU, also known as CPS B-21.

CPS1-C board with battery backed B-21 custom IC

What this announcement means for the arcade community is full preservation of CPS1 systems enabled with security, without the need to modify hardware or rom code.

Details about the reverse engineering process, milestones, and full disclosure of the custom IC programing method to follow during the coming days.

Thanks all for reading and supporting this project.


  1. You did it Again. Great Work. Your contribution to the Arcade scene is really appreciated.

  2. Nice work! Thanks for your selfless devotion to the cause!

  3. A thousand thanks for all the work you performed in preservation service of this wonderfull system Eduardo.

  4. Two thumbs up and a heartfelt "thank you" for this.

  5. Thank you Eduardo.

  6. Congratulations!, this is a big achievement. Is there any possibility you start looking into the CPS2 system?, that would be the next logical step ;)

  7. Hi'
    That's a good news!
    Brilliant work !

    Some tech question, are you only dealing with the CPU interface or is that a kind of SPI as kabuki ?


  8. Thank you! I'm really fascinated from your work! I'll wait for the details!

  9. That's why I love this scene. People like you giving so much. Great work.