Tuesday 1 March 2016

CPS2 Project

The ArcadeHacker project is now officially working to unravel the security mysteries of one of the most popular arcade systems ever: Capcom's CPS2.

As already delivered with Kabuki and CPS1, the ArcadeHacker project aims to understand the internal workings of the security features inside these systems. Our ultimate goal is help the arcade community preserve games as working originals: No more phoenixes, hardware hacks, or rom replacements.

Project status
Some of the CPS2 chip internals are already documented and we are currently dealing with the system main cpu. This gigantic 3 layer IC is taking significant time and resources from us, and is requiring the usage of new lab tools in order to finish the reverse engineering.

Your support is now needed to help secure and accelerate the project goals.

How can you help?

CPS2 samples
We need CPS2 B board donations in any condition: dead, damaged, phoenixed, no case... it does't matter. Any condition is valid as long as the capcom square chips are in there.

Please email/contact me for further details if you are willing you send in B board donations.

Attacking the CPS2 chips is a lab time consuming and tool expensive process. If you are willing to donate (any amount helps), please do so by paypal at edcross@gmail.com

In exchange for your support you will join our list of supporters and receive internal updates about the project status, as well as early access to any desuicide tools generated by the project.

[UPDATE] Donations no longer necessary, the project came to a successful end on April 30th 2016.

Thank you all for your support.

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