Tuesday 11 December 2018

Capcom CPS1 B21 chips in the wild

Do you own any Capcom CPS1 games with a dead or faulty graphics chip? UTsource is holding onto a large new original stock of B21 chips aka DL-0921. According to the listing the stock is at least 86000 units, enough supply for several lifetimes I guess.

To validate the listing I bought a couple of samples and the thing seems definitely real.

NOS Capcom B21 chips as purchased from UTsource.


  1. Hola Nexus, a que roms modificadas te refieres? Para usar B21 sin bateria? Un saludo

  2. Entiendo, muy buenas noticias. De las roms modificadas o donde encontrarlas no se nada. Suerte con la busqueda.

  3. I bought 10 of these back in maybe June or earlier, 2018. I asked again a month later and they said they had no more. They also had a listing for CPS-A-01, but when I inquired, they said they also did not have the A-01's. Good job getting some of their stock...maybe they found some more. :)

  4. I should also add that I have repaired a couple faulty CPS1 C boards with these chips, and they work great. :) :)

  5. Hi Eduardo,
    I found CPS-A-01 chips as well as CPS-B-21 and other B chips 2 years ago:


    Sad to see information doesn't circulate in the arcade world.

  6. Since it seems B-21's are *somewhat* available, it would be awesome if the B-21 could be put on a battery and programmed to operate as another B-xx chip, like B-04 or B-05. Could repair some final fights, street fighters, etc. Maybe not possible tho...

  7. Hola Eduardo, veo que no hay stock de dichos custom ya.
    gracias por todo tu trabajo es una pena no poder leernos en aumap ya que cerrĂ³.

    por cierto has investigado algo sobre las placas de nintendo?
    por ejemplo las killer instinct