Saturday, 19 September 2015

CPS1 Project Update

Programmer code
The code needed by the programmer has been made available on the following github account:

Each folder contains the base code for the systems supported by the programmer. Before using your programmer make sure you run the right code for the target system to desuicide. 

Supported systems*
Pre-CPS Kabuki Z80 CPU based boards (Capcom and Mitchell)

CPS1 & 1.5 QSound titles 

*Important: make sure you read the known issues block further below.

Building your own programmer
The base of the programmer consists of two Arduino pieces:

I/O with the target arcade pcb happens via the 7 pins found just above of the lcd shield right side, look at the Kabuki pdf instructions for further visual reference, tap ground feed from the ICSP connector

Updating your programmer
In order to update your programmer or switch target systems you need to download the code using the Github mentioned above, look for the .ino files. Once you have downloaded the code just plug your programmer via USB to your computer and upload the right .ino code file using the Arduino IDE. If you don't have the Arduino IDE please download it from the following link:

Once updated just follow the programmer on-screen instructions.

Programming instructions

CPS1 & CPS1.5:
There's no documented guide yet (pending task), please follow these steps:

CPS 1 C board pinout as follows:
Connect programmer pin 3 to CNB pin 61
Connect programmer pin 4 to CNB pin 62
Connect programmer pin 5 to CNA pin 19
Connect programmer pin 6 to CNA pin 20

Please watch this video to see the whole process in action:

IMPORTANT: The programmer does not have enough power to drive the C
board. Watch the video to learn how to piggyback power from the game

Known issues [March 7th 2016 all issues fixed]
The following Pre-CPS titles have been reported not to work or have issues with the desuicider: Super Pang, Poker Ladies
Current behavior: Games start but freeze.

The following CPS1/1.5 titles have been reported not to work or have issues with the desuicider:  Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, Captain Commando, King of Dragons, Quiz & Dragons
Current behavior: Some graphic layers are missing.

Note: Thanks to Corrado, Tormod, Sylvain, and Bill D. for their patience and assistance.

Next steps
I'm currently converting one of my CPS1.5 titles into Cadillacs & Dinosaurs to be able to research the issue common to all four CPS1/1.5 games listed above. ETA before I start the research is 2 weeks from now.

Project pending tasks
Research and fix all known issues
Create a project wiki
Properly document CPS1/1.5 desuicide process